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As owner / operator of D Radon Mitigation and Plumbing since 2014, Drew is not only a licensed plumbing contractor he is also a licensed radon mitigation professional.  Drew is a lifetime resident of Yorkville Illinois where he and his family currently reside.

As a Radon Mitigation Professional, Drew has had a 100% success rate at reducing radon levels in homes with elevated levels and provides design and installation of Radon Mitigation systems in new construction homes, and existing homes in addition to plumbing services.

Services Include

  • Radon Mitigation system design, and installation as a licensed radon professional.
  • Passive Radon system design, and installation as a licensed plumber.
  • Plumbing system design, installation, and service

Work History: 

Journeyman Plumber, Martin Plumbing
Dates: 2005 – 2009
Installing Radon piping, and plumbing systems in new construction, custom homes.

Plumbing Foreman, Main Line Plumbing
Dates:  2009 – 2017
Job site supervisor of plumbing crew that designs and installs plumbing systems in new construction custom homes, and commercial building.


FEIN # –  47-4493008
Radon Mitigation License:  RNM2015206
Plumbing License:  058-195976
Plumbing Contractor License:  055-044334





D Radon Mitigation & Plumbing

Mitigation Lic # RNM2015206

Plumbing Lic. #055-044334


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